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Bars & Melody

SADBOI (Ltd. Fanbox Inc Signed Poster)

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Release Date: 27/03/2020

Discs: 1

With a devoted fan base others can only dream of, and a history behind them that boasts six-digit figures in all the key places, BARS AND MELODY return to leave their mark on the new decade. 3.6 million YouTube subscribers, 1.4 million followers on Instagram, and 1.1 million Facebook fans can’t wait for the new album by the sought-after UK duo. And they won’t be disappointed: SADBOI is just as complex as the world is in the year 2020: We’re talking love and loneliness,  climate change and depression,  fear of failure and suicidal thoughts –but also courage,  confidence,  and trust. SADBOI is what  Generation  Z  needs right now, contemporary emotion communicated through pure pop magic.

1.Ain't Got You - Bars And Melody
2.Invisible - Bars And Melody
3.Sadboi - Bars And Melody
4.I Can't Wait - Bars And Melody
5.Addicted - Bars And Melody
6.Fuego - Bars And Melody, Monika Lewczuk
7.Bloodshots - Bars And Melody
8.Restart - Bars And Melody
9.Teenage Romance - Bars And Melody, Mike Singer
10.Lighthouse - Bars And Melody
11.Waiting For The Sun - Bars And Melody
12. Love To See Me Fail - Bars And Melody